Love of Humanity , exercising their values in giving 

Philanthropists come in all shapes and sizes colors and Religions . The clothes they wear anywhere from suites and blue jeans .

Richard And Rosa Stakofsky are a dynamic couple that operate a simple ice cream shop and seek to help the lives of others . 

People often find themselves in desperate financial situations due to tradegy. When this happens . Someone might organize a fundraiser to help lessen the strain of those involved . It’s common for people to encounter these situations., But fail to donate because they think they can’t give enough to make a real difference . Consider the big picture. If every person who knew about the fundraiser gave a few dollars wouldn’t it add up? Go ahead give $5.00 if that’s all you can spare. It’s still something . If everyone thought that way the fundraiser would be much more successful 

So what’s the lesson here ? You don’t have to go big to make a difference . If everyone helped in small ways the world would be a better place sometimes giving yourself is the best you can do, Giving  time , your energy and your natural talent  go a long way . If you have a heart for others and do what you can to help people around you your a true philanthropist 

Carvel Bath Avenue Helping Raise $50,000 to go to the Red Cross with a FREE Junior Soft Serve cone November 15th from Noon to 8PM

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 Carvel Bath Avenue in Brooklyn is dedicated to rebuilding the local communities. “The devastation and loss from Sandy is heart wrenching and we hope our efforts bring a little comfort to those affected,” On November 15th we will be offering a FREE junior soft serve cone . Also with a $3.00 Donation we are giving out a Carvel coupon book with  over $30 in value for future visits. Carvel is pledging to donate $50,000 to the Red Cross for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

Visit us at 2166 Bath Avenue Brooklyn NY 11214

Open Everyday from 9AM thru Midnight


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Fudgie’s Father’s Day

Carvel’s best selling Cake location is  located at 2166 bath avenue Brooklyn  New York . If your searching for Freshly made Carvel Cakes in all shapes and sizes this is the place.  Once entering the location you will notice the serious skills of Cake decorating . All I can say is amazing

Brooklyn’s Heroes of the month

Eric Adams
Jun 11
Eric Adams ‏@BPEricAdams
#Brooklyn honors philanthropic @CarvelIceCream store owners Richard & Rosa Stakofsky as June’s #Heroes of the Month.
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Brooklyn Borough President. Presents Citation to Richard and Rosa Stakofsky owners of Carvel Bath Avenue for supporting the Leukimia Lymphoma Society , National Kidney Foundation , Arthritis Foundation and the less fortunate since they opened their doors 1978 , We do not do his for recognition We do this because everyone needs help.

Rosa Stakofsky Franchisee spotlight

Rosa Stakofsky Franchisee spotlight

15 years ago,
which was supposed to be temporary. I was a branch
manager for a small bank in New Jersey and I brought
with me my employee managing and customer service
skills to the shoppe.
My husband trained me, and taught me how to
whip cakes, the basic 22 shell trim, the leaf, how to put
pictures on cakes, how to write and how to draw on them!
I thought, this is great! I was inspired by his creativity!
I loved working with my husband, I was hooked, and so
I stayed. I traded my suits and heels for sneakers and
Carvel shirts.
Fast forward five years: I get a call from a customer
requesting a cake, but not an “Ordinary Carvel Cake,”
so I told her I had just the thing for her – one she
would love!
I proceeded to make for her a hot-pink reverse shell
border, with a hand-drawn hot-pink heart with two sugar
roses on each corner! I presented it to her with such pride.
She hated it! She looked at it and then at me and said,
“Yep, an ordinary Carvel Cake!” I stood there with my
mouth open, upset with myself, my ego hurt.
From then on I swore to myself this wouldn’t happen
again. I asked my husband to teach me to make flowers,
but I couldn’t learn from him. Some things you just have
to do yourself. So I practiced making roses into the whip
tubs in the winter and when I was at the store late.
I practiced different trims, and bought so many books I
could start my own library.
Scott Colwell
Franchise spotlight
One day when I was cleaning the store, I came across a
motor. “What’s this, Rich?” I said. “It’s my airbrush,” he replied.
“So why don’t we do cake kits?” I said. From there my cake
kit era was born. This is how I started and morphed into
my current self. I never say no to a cake. I tell them I will
need to look at it, if they have a picture, before I price it.
If it’s an idea they have, but aren’t quite sure, we talk it out.
I sketch sometimes and I call them back with a price.
If you ever told me 15 years ago that I would be doing
this line of work, I would have told you, “You’re out of
your mind!”
Maybe I am!
My best advice is to practice and have patience. I didn’t
learn overnight.